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Connect with Great Lakes Research

The Great Lakes Regional Research Information Network (GLRRIN) is a new binational, collaborative effort among federal and state agencies, academic institutions, and the private sector involved in Great Lakes research.

Funded in June 2006 by NOAA Sea Grant, GLRRIN is designed to foster research coordination within the Great Lakes region by enhancing communications and collaboration among agencies and research scientists.

Through tools such as an enhanced database of researchers listed by interest and expertise, GLRRIN can add value to existing programs and bring projects and researchers together in one comprehensive network. GLRRIN provides a powerful means to foster collaboration, acquire funding, strengthen research needs and issues, and increase the impact of Great Lakes research.

Patterned after the successful Lake Erie Millennium Network, GLRRIN is led by four binational coordinators for each Great Lake, two from academia.


Download the IAGLR presentation (~2.52MB) here.

Download the June 19th Teleconference meeting notes here.

Download the July 11th GLRRIN Outreach Teleconference meeting notes here.

Download the October 18th GLRRIN Outreach Teleconference meeting notes here.